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Estate Law Services

Estate Planning

We assist clients in creating the proper estate plan for their particular needs. We can draft Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Deeds and other documents to carry those plans into action. We open a dialogue that allows us to ask the right questions. There are many what ifs that need to be a part of the plan. We provide advice that comes from the experience of handling estates so the client may avoid creating problems in the future.

Our estate planning process involves initially meeting with the client and gathering the appropriate information. We discuss how the potential estate planning tools may apply to the client’s situation. We follow-up with a comprehensive report that sets forth those options and the costs associated with each option. The initial consultation and follow-up report are free. We only charge if and when the client chooses to have us prepare documents or provide other services.

Estate Administration

We help clients administer the estates of deceased loved ones with compassion and care. We assist in all areas of the administration, including the probate process, administration of trusts, transfer of property, preparation of estate tax returns, and other necessary steps. We try to take as much of the work out of the hands of the client. We are happy to do the leg work required to gather the important information. We assess what bills may be due. We hunt down leads of potential assets and insurance policies.

We guide the client from beginning to end of the administration of the estate. We understand handling the estate of a loved one can be a difficult time. We enjoy helping clients through the process while taking as much of the burden off the client as possible.

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